Coca Cola Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how much Coca Cola is worth? I will give you a hint is one of the top five richest multinational companies of the world, behind Mc Donald’s, IBM, Google and Apple. The Coca Cola Company began its activities in 1886. It is a worldwide known retailer, manufacturer and marketer. The company is known by the caramel beverage but it also manufactures other products, including other non-alcoholic drinks and food.

The company stock is part of DJIA and NYSE. It is also part of S&P Index and the Russell Index, becoming in one of the companies with the best value in the stock market. According to Forbes, Coca Cola net worth is of 4.35 billion shares at $44 per share having a net capitalization of about 200 billion and an enterprise value that surpasses this figure.

Part of its recent wealth is the result of negotiations with the Monster Beverage Company in which 17% stake were sold to Coca Cola. This worked for both sides as partners of Monster Beverage became billionaires and Coca Cola enter the energy drinks market with a huge possibility of doubling its sales. This negotiation is believed to be to act against the stagnation of carbonated soft drinks in the recent years.

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