the richest country in the world

People tend to think that the the richest country in the world is America. However, even if it’s incredible to believe, the United States is not the most wealthy country on the globe. There are a lot of lists regarding the subject which measures a country’s wealth on different scales. Unbelievable but true, America isn’t number one at any of this lists. For example, to measure the wealth of a country, there are three differents ways: economy, natural resources and country’s reserves.
So, if it’s not America, then what country is it? Let’s see which are the richest countries according to this scale.

The richest country regarding income per capita measures the economic output of a nation. In this list, Qatar is number one. Its income is of about $145,000. This means that the country has a number of about just 0.1% of its population living in poverty while 15% are millionaires.  

Regarding currency reserve, the richest country is China. A country well known for currency exchange. It holds about $4 trillion worth of currency. Last but not least, when it comes to natural resources, the richest country in the world is Russia which holds the largest oil reserve in the world and natural resources such as natural gas.  

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